Fantasia e Metal sempre caminharam de mãos dadas. Bandas como Black Sabbath e Led Zeppelin cantavam sobre magos e orcs antes do estilo ser reconhecido. Hoje em dia não é diferente  e com o grande sucesso de game of thrones essa prática tem se intensificado. O Blog Metal Injection reuniu 7 músicas inspiradas nas Crônicas de Gelo e Fogo

The Sword “To Take the Black”


If metalheads existed in Westeros, we’d all be in the Night’s Watch.
They’re honor-bound badasses who fight zombies and, most importantly,
always wear black.
And how can you not love the Sword? They’re the world’s premier stoner
metal band and their distinct retro sound is timeless. They may have
moved on to writing space rock concept albums, but their first records
were deeply entrenched in fantasy themes including this ode to the
unsung heroes of the Wall.

Morning Starlett “Mother of Dragons”

And now, for some Targaryen Metal! Morning Starlett is a power metal
band from Staten Island that’s actually a project of the current Blue
Oyster Cult guitarist Richie Castellano. Their singer Ann Marie Nacchio
is a classically trained opera singer, and her powerful voice properly
captures the determined spirit of Daenerys herself. Also, no song about
dragons would be complete without blistering guitar solos. The most
surprising thing about this son is that there aren’t any fan made
Youtube videos of Daenerys and her dragons set to this song yet.

Winterfell “Winter is Coming”

 You’re clearly a George R. R. Martin fan when you take your band name
straight out of the pages of his books. Winterfell are a long-dormant
prog band that last released their last fantasy-flavored metal a decade
ago. While their lyrics are a pretty obvious tribute to the Stark
Family, their music is thunderous yet melodic and sounds like a metal

Seven Kingdoms “After the Fall”


This American power metal band has drawn inspiration for most of their
songs from the works of George R. R. Martin. Even their name is an
allusion to the continent of Westeros itself. This song is notable
because it’s about Bran Stark who just doesn’t get much love from Game
of Thrones fans. Hodor is more popular than Bran, and he’s just the dude
that carries him around. After the Fall is about Bran’s visions that he
sees through the eyes of ravens when he’s using his powers as a warg.
Even that description sounds metal as hell.

Nocternity -“Valyrian Steel (Blood Of The Dragon)”


Just when you thought that there weren’t enough black metal songs about
Game of Thrones, Nocternity shows up to make your ears bleed. You may
think he’s just screaming gibberish near the end of the song, but he’s
actually singing in Dothraki (the most metal of all languages). Also,
the guitarist’s stage name is Khal Drago. If he looks like Jason Mamoa
and plays a flying v, every woman on earth will join in the epic battle
over who gets to wed him.

October Rage “White Walkers”


This might be the Game of Thrones inspired song that is most radio
friendly, but it still rocks. October Rage is an Australian rock band
whose first single was a rock anthem about the ever-approaching ice
zombies that no one of the show seems to be paying attention to.

Hammerfall “Take the Black”


Let’s end this list with one more song about the watchers on the wall
from the Swedish band Hammerfall. Take the Black is an epic power metal
piece from their fifth album Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken. The
album title is actually the motto of House Martell which is the family
of Orberyn Martell who valiantly fought the Mountain this season.

Cara, que musicas fodas! Metal e fantasia sempre combinaram! Jogar rpg com essa trilha sonora deve ser muito daora!